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Jun 20, 2013 6:00am EDT
talk about here today. but what, and how do we bring the costs down? economies to scale, we know the. the more you produce is something, we've got to do this. that's going to be ultimate, one of the money decisions we have to make. one, do we need this plane? i think we do. secondly, can we afford this plane? and how do we afford it? do want to talk about that a minute? >> thank you, senator. i agree we need the airplane. can we afford the airplane is the question, not just the committee but us as well. >> american people. can we afford not to do it? >> i don't think so because there is no other option right now. and what we are asked to do is pretty well defined by our national guidance and by our defense strategic guidance. and based on that requirement that's handed to our services in the air domain, this airplane is something that we need to me commission we've been assigned. if the mission changed dramatically, if there was no intent to be worried about threats from other technology that develops in the future, if there is not a requirement, if the united states to build objecti
Jun 21, 2013 6:00am EDT
-handed independent payment advisory board causing medicare spending as a percentage of our economy to skyrocket. the trustees report and the alternative scenario reinforce the need for prompt attention to medicare's severe financial problems. as we will hear from our witnesses, we should continue to push that now is the time to act, as the sooner we make changes to better the program's structure, the less drastic those changes will have to be. my hope is that this hearing will help my colleagues on both sides of the aisle continue to understand the extent of the financial problem that pushes us to work towards bipartisan, commonsense solutions. we cannot wish this problem away. medicare is going broke too quickly, and no amount of positioning for political gain is going to change that fact. the medicare board of trustees urge congress to take prompt legislative action and recognize that the projections in this year's report continue to demonstrate the need for timely and effective action to address medicare's remaining financial challenges. if the trustees don't view the two added years of solv
Jun 19, 2013 7:30am EDT
] with an estimated 10 billion pounds boost to our economy, does my right honorable friend agreed that a free trade agreement with the united states represents -- [inaudible]? >> my friend is right but i think it's very good news that this free trade agreement has been launched in northern ireland it when i take many months of very difficult and patient negotiation. it issued to the topic at a problem because we wanted to cover all sorts of areas like public procurement and services, and not just manufactured goods. it's good it is getting going because this could mean millions of jobs right across europe and great benefits for us here in the uk. [shouting] >> on the subject of giving money back, which is just referred to in respect of the labour party, will he now explain to the house why, when he had a windfall, he decided to write down his mortgage instead of writing down the more of the one he was claiming for the expenses allowance in the house of commons? >> i think what the honorable gentleman needs to do is concentrate on the massive problem on his front bench. because i have to say, mr. sp
Jun 18, 2013 6:00am EDT
after the networks of the banks and the systems and the pieces that are going to hurt our economy or our power grids, all those things that are actually out there in the civilian sector. we feel like national guardsmen who work in these sectors, reservists in general will have sometimes the first look and ability to see those things, identify them, fix them and go in and clean them up. i think the challenges that we're going through right now is that we think it's important that whatever it is that we build in the reserves and national guard is we feel that it's important that it mirror the title x capability, the same standards and training that general clarke and general ingram have talked about before so that we are integral and replaceable for pieces of the federal title x mission domain. and so a lot of ongoing discussion with how we build that and how the national guard can contribute to it. turn it over to bill and sid. >> thanks, joe. picking up on that, right now we have army national guard soldiers that are working as soldiers at nsa and have been for the last ten years, actual
Jun 20, 2013 2:00am EDT
. we start with the issue that matters most to our people, jobs, growth, many are economies. first we agreed each country needs to press on with sorting out its public finances. dealing with our dead and securing growth are not alternatives. the former is an essential step in achieving the latter. in fact, the communiquÉ we agreed unanimously reflects all three parts of the plan growth we have in britain. not just fiscal sustainability but active monetary policy to unlock the finest, the businesses and families need. and structural reforms to increase our competitiveness so that our young people can get into work and succeed in the global race. the uk's g8 also launched a bold new agenda to drive a dramatic increase in trade and to get to grips with the problems of tax evasion, aggressive tax avoidance and corporate secrecy. this was a distinctive british agenda to shape the way the world economy works for the benefit of everyone. we believe in free trade, private enterprise and low taxes is the best route to growth. that is only sustainable if ambitious trade deals on agreed, the ta
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5